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♥ Posted by: Alexandria || Date: April 17, 2017 ♥
Alexandria here reporting in. I hope you've all been doing alright during the Easter break. I finally gotten the chance during the short Easter break to relax. I didn't much though, I mostly just slept during my Easter break. My room mate and I worked out together early morning and I couldn't just be rude and tell her no since she helped me out from time to time since we first met on campus. The work out was exciting but tiring at the same time and she let me rest the next day. My classes have been alright I just wish there wasn't so much crap to learn.

As for the site itself I'm not even sure what's the next header is going to be. I wanna try and focus more on here but college takes up most of my time away so I can't do much on my laptop unless it's for research purposes for the classes I'm taking. I'll just browse around and see if there's a decent layout I might like and use it for the site. Do you guys have a favorite site that you like to visit? Since there's nothing else I wanna say I'm heading for bed. Sweet dreams.
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Posted on 17 Apr 2017

Long Time No Hear

♥ Posted by: Alexandria || Date: April 6, 2017 ♥

OMG! Where did the time fly go? Life has been hectic busy since I've been working two jobs now and so much college stuff where all the teachers do is throw those at us and barely any little time none at all to even relax. I'm tired as heck and cram study since I have so much to study for. It's been stressful but I'm hanging in there.

I'm sorry for the inconveniences if anyone has been waiting to see the site updated. With real life being a pain I honestly haven't thought much of what to do with the site. I think I'm just going to leave the site as is with it just being half blog half mini fansite until at some point I'll eventually think of something else to add on here. I'm always open to ideas if there's anything you, the visitors might wanna see? Hope you've all been doing well. Peace out for now and good night.
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Posted on 06 Apr 2017

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